„You don’t have to be like everybody else.
You don’t have to fit into the norm.
You are not here to conform.
I am here to take a look inside myself.
Recognize that I could be the eye, the eye of the storm.

I am not my body, not my mind or my brain.
Not my thoughts or feelings, I am not my DNA.
I am the observer, I’m a witness of life.
I live in the space between the stars and the sky.“

Hab ich hier eigentlich schon mal erwähnt wie genial die Lyrics dieser Frau sind?

Don’t underestimate me.
‚Cause one day you’re gonna see you’re in a losing battle.
Babe, you’ll never stop me being me.
I got the beauty, got the brains.
Got the power, hold the reins.
I should be motherfuckin‘ crazy.
Nothing in this world could change me.